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IM Properties Developments Limited (IMDL), on behalf of landowners, is working to bring forward a masterplan proposal to create a new vibrant, sustainable and welcoming community, including important and necessary homes and infrastructure, which will bring benefits for all.

Good placemaking and sustainability are at the heart of Curborough Brooks. Centred around a new green park, we are proposing a residential development including sites for a new secondary school and two new primary schools. Curborough Brooks will provide a site for a Health Hub, including space for a new GP surgery and a Sports Hub for new and existing communities to use. We are proposing much-needed new homes, including affordable homes and self-build homes, which will connect with green space, allotments as well as enhanced and retained landscaping.

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Our aim is to deliver:

  • Up to 2,900 much-needed new homes, including 40% affordable housing
  • Sites for a new secondary school and two new primary schools
  • A new site for a Health Hub with later-life living homes, space for a GP surgery and other complementary uses
  • A new site for a mixed-use local centre with a large central green, surrounded by shops, services and facilities
  • A Sports Hub with formal pitches and facilities
  • Beautifully landscaped spaces and green corridors, promoting biodiversity and ecology
  • Allotments and community gardens
  • Retained trees, hedgerows and woodlands
  • Public transport links and active travel routes with an emphasis on walking and cycling

This website will be updated throughout the consultation, planning process and beyond.

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