March 2024 Update on Outline Planning Applications – Summer 2024

Image of the public consultation

Further to our update in January 2024, we would like to take this opportunity to update everyone who has taken an interest in the proposals for Curborough Brooks.

As way of reminder, we are looking to deliver:

  • 2,900 much-needed homes, including 40% affordable housing (see below for more information)
  • A site for a new eight-form entry secondary school to serve the new and wider community
  • Two new sites for primary schools (one two-form entry and one three-form entry)
  • A site for a Health Hub with later-life living homes as well as space for a GP surgery and other complementary uses
  • A mixed-use local centre centred around a new green park with shops, services and facilities
  • A Sports Hub with formal community play pitches and pavilion
  • 45% of the site will be green public open space, including allotments and community gardens, promoting biodiversity and ecology
  • Public transport links and active travel routes with an emphasis on walking and cycling
  • A Climate Change and Energy Strategy for achieving full Net Zero operation of the development.

Public Consultation

In October and November 2023, we held our public consultation for the emerging masterplan proposals for Curborough Brooks. The consultation allowed us to share the emerging masterplan with the local community and gain feedback, which has given us a greater understanding about aspects of the proposals that are important and where there are key concerns.

Our consultation included:

  • Approximately 8,000 flyers delivered to the local area inviting the community to take part in the consultation
  • Launch of project website, with approximately 2,200 visitors to date
  • Two online webinars, which you can watch back on our Downloads section
  • 10 Drop-In Hub events with approximately 250 attendees across two weeks
  • An ongoing series of meetings with stakeholders.

Image of the public consultation
Image of the public consultation

Key Feedback Findings

During our consultation period, we received 197 feedback forms with comments, questions and suggestions on the emerging proposals, which have been extremely valuable.

There were a mix of views received during the consultation process, raising both positive aspects of the masterplan as well as concerns, questions and suggestions. Many people expressed their interest in the sustainable growth of Lichfield, acknowledging the importance of preserving the local character, protecting local wildlife and supporting both the existing and new communities through the provision and enhancement of essential infrastructure and services.

Respondents welcomed in principle… Respondents raised concerns about…
The provision of affordable homes and a mix of housing tenures The quantity of affordable housing
A comprehensive development with a mix of uses, including schools, shops and sports facilities The scale and future delivery of the proposed development
Potential pressure on the local road network
A new Health Hub, including space for a GP surgery Access points to and from Curborough Brooks
The public open green spaces, landscaping and recreational spaces The feeling of overcrowding and effects on existing infrastructure and services in Lichfield
The active travel routes and green corridors Impacts on neighbouring properties and residents
The promotion of sustainability measures across the masterplan. Impacts on local wildlife and existing fields at Curborough Brooks.

As with any potential new development, there are always lots of questions. While we undertake ongoing technical work, many aspects of the proposals will continue to evolve. However, we have pulled together a Q&A, which will continue to be updated as we move throughout the planning process.

40% Affordable Housing

Following our consultation, the team has been reviewing all the feedback received and undertaking further technical work on the proposals.

One initial change we have made is increasing the provision of affordable housing from 20% to 40% of total homes proposed. We heard that affordable housing is extremely important in Lichfield, and we are keen to provide homes that meet the needs of the community now and into the future. We are also keen to ensure there are homes to suit everyone at Curborough Brooks from families to first-time buyers, from downsizers to young professionals.

What does affordable housing mean? There are three elements to affordable housing:

  • Social-rented homes - Owned by local authorities and/or private registered providers. The rent is set in accordance with the Government’s rent policy
  • Affordable rent - Must be no more than 80% of the local market rent, including service charge, where applicable
  • Shared ownership - Offers people the chance to purchase a share of a property, while paying a subsidised rent on the remainder.

Curborough Brooks has the potential to deliver 40% affordable homes, which will include a mix of affordable homes for rent and affordable routes to home ownership (such as shared ownership). The specific mix will be agreed with the Council.

Next Steps

As mentioned, we are continuing to develop the proposals and are undertaking ongoing technical work over the coming months. We are targeting submission of the Outline Planning Applications in Summer 2024 and will keep you updated as we move forward.

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