Our Proposals

Curborough Brooks is ideally positioned to make a vital contribution to the local area, delivering housing, providing school spaces, community facilities and essential infrastructure to Lichfield while connecting the city to nature and green spaces for all to enjoy.


Creating a Successful Community While Delivering Necessary and Important Infrastructure for Lichfield.

IMDL is invested in a healthier, more innovative and more responsible future. We have established a Sustainability Framework, which sets out our ambitions and targets to the planet, place and people by 2030. Our approach to sustainability ensures that the homes and spaces we build today are fit for the future without comprising the next generation.

Alongside our team of masterplanners and technical consultants, we have undertaken a great deal of work looking at the site, its constraints and opportunities. We plan to create an exceptional mixed-use community, underpinned by a holistic approach to people, planet and place. Curborough Brooks has been thoughtfully designed to complement and enhance the surrounding communities.

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Artist’s impression of emerging proposals for Curborough Brooks
Artist’s impression of emerging proposals for Curborough Brooks

Exceptional Living

We propose to deliver much-needed homes across Curborough Brooks, including:

  • Up to 2,900 much-needed new homes, including 40% affordable housing
  • A mix of tenures to meet demand for affordable and private homes
  • Homes for everyone from families to first time buyers, downsizers to young professionals
  • Designs that will have a strong character and reflect local context and setting
  • Outside space for all homes as well as access to communal spaces.

The detailed design of the new homes will be submitted through Reserved Matters applications following the approval of the Outline Planning Applications.

Adults blowing bubbles with child

New Schools

Working with Staffordshire County Council’s Education Team, Curborough Brooks will deliver sites for three new schools: one eight-form entry secondary school, one two-form primary school and one three-form primary school.

The new schools will increase the local education provision in Lichfield. They will help address an existing shortfall in education provision in the area, meeting the growing demand for school spaces while also increasing local choice for families.

School kids at desk

Health Hub

Within the proposals, we are looking to deliver a site for a Health Hub, which will create a centre of complementary uses.

We are looking to provide specialist later living and care homes, which will give people the flexibility to live within the community while receiving the care that they need. We are exploring a range of uses that would complement Curborough Brooks and wider local community, including a site for a GP surgery, gym and community centre.

Doctor and patient

Sports Hub

As part of the proposals, we will provide a Sports Hub with high-quality sport facilities and pitches as well as storage, changing facilities and car parking.

We are keen for the Sports Hub to be accessible, inclusive and inviting for everyone in the community to use and enjoy, promoting heathy lifestyles and wellness.

Girls football team

New Shops & Local Centre

Centred around a new green park will be a local centre with shops, services and facilities for residents and visitors to enjoy. The central green park will be open and inviting with clear and safe routes, incorporating existing and proposed green infrastructure. At this central location, the park will provide a variety of spaces for people to relax, exercise and play.

Our proposals have been developed with place-making at the heart. We are keen to create spaces and uses that meet the needs of generations to come.

Father and son shopping

Green Open Spaces

Beautifully landscape spaces will be featured across Curborough Brooks, promoting biodiversity and ecology.

The proposals have been designed to retain existing hedgerows, ecological features, the woodland network and as many existing trees as possible across the site while seeking opportunities for new landscaping. The retention of these features will result in a biodiversity net gain at Curborough Brooks, improving the connectivity of green corridors and active travel routes whilst enhancing the local landscape.

In total, we are proposing to provide approximately 78 hectares of public open space, which is equivalent to around 109 football pitches.

We are keen to create strong communities where residents and visitors can live an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. As well as the new park, Sports Hub and local centre, we are proposing:

  • Recreational space
  • Allotments
  • Green public open space
  • Retained woodlands
  • Landscaping
  • Childrens’ play areas.
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A boy on a swing

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